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Whether you are looking to motivate others, find dynamic balance or share your vision, understanding and moving beyond limitations while having a learning experience that generates energy is magic.

Generating Energy

‘Where attention goes energy flows.’

Napoleon Hill

Learn how to positively influence both yourself and others.

Innovation & Creativity

‘Without a creative spark or innovative brilliance all endeavors eventually become tired, boring and stale’.


Learn how to embrace the unknown successfully!

Storytelling for Leadership

‘The art of communication is the language of leadership.’

James Humes

Achieve positive engagement with your audience.

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‘I vividly remember that we, the executives, were talking around some technical points and Eldridge showed an amazing ability to hone in on the heart of the matter, without any knowledge of the field.’

‘Annemarie has the gift to fully accept you as you are. She works exactly with what presents itself, and therefore the right thing for that moment. I highly recommend Annemarie.’