Generating Energy

If you want to learn how to get more things done and feel good while doing them, then knowing how to generate energy is essential.

Have a better understanding of how to positively influence both yourself and others.

During this fun and interactive 1 day workshop, you will learn some short cuts on how to tap into enthusiasm. As well as how to recognise the key factors in firing up passion and motivation.

All important ingredients for success and feeling great.

We share practical, proven techniques that increases confidence and resilience, while at the same time enhance a positive way of thinking.

Price: €450


What you will learn –


  • State Management
  • Reframing a problem into a challenge
  • Stressreduction
  • Breathingtechniques
  • Body awareness
  • Dynamic resilience
  • Values systems
  • Needs and Motivation


‘She practices what she preaches! Annemarie makes people aware of the effect of posture on their thoughts, feelings and actions. With her positive appearance she knows how to get an entire room moving, which creates a good flow and everyone gets to work with a big smile. In her workshops she knows how to create depth and movement.’