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Move to Leadership Programmes

Our Move to Leadership programmes are designed to help you become a more inspiring, persuasive and motivational leader.

Move to Leadership – Online Programme

‘Earn your leadership, every day.’

Michael Jordan

Move to Leadership – Tailor made programme

‘Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader…they set out to make a difference it’s never about the role – always about the goal.’

Lisa Haisha


‘Thank you so much for your incredibly valuable input, advice, support and insight from start to finish, Eldridge. 
What I really also valued was the fact that you made such helpful and inspired recommendations during the weekend which meant that we could adapt to the changing challenges what was for many of the candidates a rollercoaster of emotions,  and successfully deal with them.
It is clear to me that you have such a very developed insight into how people operate, and can assess them swiftly; and can offer advice and help in a way they find acceptable and motivational in order to improve their skills. Your style is very approachable yet highly professional. I found that you very quickly picked up what we were trying to achieve by way of this assessment and identified key competencies skillfully, and helped us build tasks around those, which proved to be very successful.
It has been a pleasure to meet you and to work with you, and I look forward to doing so again in the near future.’


‘Annemarie contributes with great empathy and tact to her environment. I got to know Annemarie as a professional who brings people further in their learning process. She is able to listen sincerely, to summarize and to ask questions. Annemarie has a lot of perseverance to complete her assignment to a successful result. Developing is a common thread in her life, as a professional and as a person.’