Move to Leadership –
Tailor made programme

‘Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.’

John F. Kennedy

Whether you are a public, private or non-profit organisation interested in improving, developing or discovering your leadership style, this programme will be successfully designed to do that!

Together we look at what’s working, not working and could be working better.

Then with that information and in consultation together, we design a made to measure perfect fit solution for you and your organisation.


‘Eldridge is a knowledgeable and highly competent coach. He uses his ability to inspire and encourage to help others achieve their goals. Eldridge is an excellent communicator and takes a genuine interest in people. His creative approach to problem solving adds extra opportunities to elicit qualities in others which they did not realise existed.’

One of the things I appreciate in Annemarie is that she thinks along with us in advance about the upcoming theme. Good preparation is half the battle and that produces good results.’