Performance Cycle

‘Because if all the worlds a stage and we are all performing on it. Then we believe everyone wants to be themselves at their best and have a fantastic time before the final act!’

Annemarie & Eldridge Labinjo

A 4-day program divided over 4 months designed to develop you personally and professionally.

This program will show you how to generate energy, be at peak performance, achieve flow, while being able to rest at the same time as recuperating.

The first day is about achieving rest and recuperation. In today’s society we understand the dangers of burnout and the need to recharge.

You will learn how to attain physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

This will help with experiencing a greater sense of internal calm, personal contentment and wellbeing. Result, more space for creativity and innovation. 

The second day is about generating energy. Enthusiasm, passion and motivation are words often associated with being energetic.

People experiencing this are more likely to achieve their goals.

You will learn how to be more successful through a better understanding of your own and other peoples drives.

This will help you match your personal goals and ambitions, realise win-win outcomes, while being physically and mentally centered.

The third day is about peak performance. During a performance function and form come together and the peak is where the magic’s at.

Here we explore the conditions that allow top performers to be themselves at their best.

This will help you experience how everything comes together at the moment you need it.

The fourth day is about achieving flow, while at the same time recuperating. Flow experience is moving beyond peak performance, the genius is spontaneous!

You will learn how stopping and starting can recharge your batteries just like a dynamo.

This will help you bring everything together, time and time again, when needed.

Yourself at your best.


‘In Eldridge’s coaching I went beyond the regular generalizations and into a new level of understanding in my own capacity as an authentic public speaker’.

‘Diversity, individuality, clarity and transparency. These are, among other things, characteristics that deepen within you in a session with Annemarie. The interfaces that I research together with her, usually concern the versatility in my own strength and character. In doing so I touch what makes me unique, in the heartbeat of my own life’.