Rest and Recuperation 

‘Energy flows where attention goes.’
Napoleon Hill

Learn how to experience a greater sense of personal contentment and general wellbeing during this 4 hour workshop.

In today’s society we often hear about the dangers of burnout.

A problem sometimes associated with not being aware of distress signals from the body, or knowing how best to respond.

This workshop will help enhance rest and speed up recuperation.

We do this through applying practical knowledge of physical, mental and emotional awareness techniques.

Techniques that raise your ability to recognise distress signals and different options for regulating your body.


‘In Eldridge’s coaching I went beyond the regular generalizations and into a new level of understanding in my own capacity as an authentic public speaker’.

‘Diversity, individuality, clarity and transparency. These are, among other things, characteristics that deepen within you in a session with Annemarie. The interfaces that I research together with her, usually concern the versatility in my own strength and character. In doing so I touch what makes me unique, in the heartbeat of my own life’.