introduction to Mentoring and Coaching

‘Average leaders raise the bar on themselves; good leaders raise the bar for others; great leaders inspire others to raise their own bar.’

Orrin Woodward

Fine tune your mentoring and coaching skills in 4 days divided over 6 weeks, so that you can help others make advancements in their careers. Resulting in leading others to more successful outcomes.

Not knowing how to motivate and guide others can be challenging.

We also want to recognise things that could undermine the capacity of the people we are responsible for.

Learn how to guide people in a way that they think and feel is beneficial, by increasing your ability to provide certainty in uncertain times.

Through having the capacity to unleash measured responses, helping others to realise their yes, asking the questions that get to the heart of the matter, you will achieve a central characteristic of being a leader.

Imagine making a bigger more positive impact in your environment.


‘In Eldridge’s coaching I went beyond the regular generalizations and into a new level of understanding in my own capacity as an authentic public speaker’.

‘Diversity, individuality, clarity and transparency. These are, among other things, characteristics that deepen within you in a session with Annemarie. The interfaces that I research together with her, usually concern the versatility in my own strength and character. In doing so I touch what makes me unique, in the heartbeat of my own life’.